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instructions for your quote

InstructionsThis application helps you plan your rental needs.

With no obligation nor implied contract, “YOUR QUOTE” is a great way to start a detailed consultation with our staff to finalize and focus your plans.

To use this useful tool, go through the categories and indicate which items, (i.e. tables, china, etc.) you want to use by entering a number into the quantity box and hitting an Add to Quote button found at the top or bottom of the page. Proceed to the next category.

As you select party goods and press the Add to Quote buttons on each page you will automatically build a complete list of your needs. Once you have selected one or more items, review the list any time by using the “YOUR QUOTE” link at the top of each page.

If you have to leave before you are finished, you can also save your quote for later use using the Save Quote at the bottom of any of the Quote Form pages. You will be given a special code to retrieve your quote when you are ready. We will email you the code you can refer to when you are ready to continue building your list.

To retrieve you quote use the Retrieve Saved Quote button at the top of each page.

After selecting your last item proceed to the Select Delivery/Pick-Up information page. Here you tell us when and where you want your party goods delivered.

Proceed to the Your Info section with your contact information and what you want us to know about your event.

When everything is complete you can print yourself a copy, email yourself a copy and e-mail the quote to us. Look for the links at the bottom of the Quote Form pages.

When we get your quote request we will call you as soon as possible to continue helping you with you party planning.

Main Office: 1127 Andover Park West • Tukwila, WA 98188 • Phone 206-282-1987


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